The Master Key Experience – Self-Discovering an Inspired Life

There’s nothing like it when you finally tune into your innate wisdom – the ability to draw upon your mind and your body and your spirit when making decisions.

That’s when the path to inspired living opens up. At least, that is my vantage point right now!

You see, the last 10 months of study and sits and all the other exercises that are a part of the Master Key Experience are now melding together for me. Over the last month, I have frequently experienced a “knowingness” about which course of action to take at recent decision points in my life. And the path has unfolded effortlessly. I am so excited about recent life changes – I know that I am stepping into a deeper, more authentic version of me, and have a more authentic version of myself to share with others.

I intend to expand that knowingness into other areas of my life – the ones that I still struggle for and against. The areas where I have resisted – where I have not fully accepted myself and my dreams.

Self-discovery thrives as I revise my Definite Major Purpose statement yet again.

The Master Key Experience peels back another layer on the journey to the core of my being.

Thanks for bearing witness to my journey by reading these blogs. I appreciate you!

Week 25 – ACT NOW

Scroll 9 of Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman in the World demands that I ACT NOW.

What do I want? DECIDE NOW. Talk with people for my business? CALL NOW. Family is in visiting – haven’t seen them for six months? BE FULLY PRESENT NOW.

This scroll has made me realize that Action requires Focus. When my focus flits from one bright shiny concept to another, I hesitate. I slow down; fear takes hold. I do not act.

When I am laser focused, centered deep in my intention, I act. I ACT NOW.

The Influencer teaches us that one or two vital behaviors repeated over and over again can completely change the outcome of a business or a situation. Other science shows us that procrastination is when we give a problem to our future self, because our future self is typically a stranger to our present-day self. We perhaps feel less concern about a stranger’s situation than someone we know and care for deeply.

So my commitment is to see and be my future self today – to focus on vital behaviors that create the exponential results I seek.


Do you?

Week 23 – Self-Directed

Three different readings this week are all incubating in me; I feel a pregnant hush as the concepts from these sources wind and intertwine and grow within.

Deepok Chopra talks about the Law of Least Effort in the book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. The Law of Least Effort is made of three parts: Acceptance, Responsibility, and Defenselessness. Accepting things as they are allows us to take responsibility without blame and that act enables us to be defenseless – no longer needing to defend our position or our actions. When we move in the world from this perspective, we enter the flow of love, energy and ideas from our divine source.

Emmet Fox’s interpretation of The Lords Prayer also blew me away – I have read and re-read it and still shake my head in amazement at the simple yet profound explanation of the teaching and its role in the journey and development of the soul.

And Wallace Wattles book, The Science of Getting Rich, also touched me.

I sit in the silence with all three of these references – each a different thread, weaving a beautiful, vibrant, intricate tapestry as I link and assimilate and apply the knowledge.

I smile softly in the stillness as the birthing begins.

Week 22A – Restart

How about that silence exercise? I entered Silence last Friday at 5:00pm, curious to see how 60 hours of Silence would feel. No internet, no TV, not phone, no texts, no talking, no music, no conversation. For the first 24 hours, my mind was relentless, darting and spinning in a whirlwind of constant mind chatter. My mind even drug up catchy commercial jingles from childhood, repeating them over and over. After a solid 24 hours, it calmed. I sat, I dreamed, I slept, I sat some more. Sometimes, I am not sure where I was…

And then a flash of insight about my purpose. Beautiful.

I went from 60 hours of silence into a Monday that involved 10.5 hours of teaching and training, so I moved from no talking to complete overstimulation. No easing back into today’s world.

This week has been a whirlwind – and the gal in the glass is not satisfied with my efforts. Step into Self-direction.

Restart. DO or DO NOT. There is no try.


Week 22 – Silence is ?

I am so excited! This weekend, starting later today, I am going into Silence for 2 ½ days. No SMARTPHONE, no calls, no texts, no Internet, no TV, no conversation. It will just be me and my thoughts.

I am so looking forward to delving into this unknown.

I am especially excited to see what happens when all that energy that is normally used to communicate and interact gets turned inward. Will it be like a huge magnifying glass, focusing that energy until something ignites within?

I enter this experience with anticipation yet without expectation. I have no roadmap.

The adventure begins.




Week 21 – Big Thoughts

I just want to take a moment and reflect. Mark and Davene sent a great email this week about the number of people that get to this point and Quit – Just Quit; refusing to answer the herald calling them to be the superhero in their own life.

And I’ll tell you – I thought about it too.

It’s like that guy in the Matrix, the one that’s eating a steak dinner and knows it’s not real, but is enjoying it anyway.  Like you can’t go back and UN-know the stuff we’ve learned. But the comfort zone of my former average day-to-day routine is a siren’s call, luring me back to an un-awakened life of busy, busy go here –do this – drama Drama DRAMA everywhere existence.

So I thought about it. And then I realized I was interpreting the emotions surrounding the adventure as  just FEAR. And that layered with the idea about expanding the comfort zone an inch at a time made me realize I need to Breathe Deep.

And so I breathe and in that breath is the knowingness that I will never un-know what I have heard and learned.

Knowledge does not apply itself. I am nature’s greatest miracle. I breathe in the same atoms comprising the same elements from the atmosphere that have been inhaled and exhaled through the millennia.

Haanel says in 21.7 “The creative energies of mind find no more difficulty in handling large situations, than small ones. Mind is just as much present in the Infinitely large as in the Infinitely small.”

The power of my mind to think BIG thoughts – that’s what I contemplate now in Silence.

Thank you for continuing this journey with me.

Week 20 – Dead Man Walking

Who knew we could raise the dead?
Last week, I wrote that my old blueprint finally dissolved in a blaze of fiery glory and that I step into the world shiny and new. Well it didn’t stay dead.
That old blueprint is popping up all over the place, just like Elvis.
It feels like I am playing a game of “Whackamole.”

It’s crazy how challenging it is for me right now. I suppose it is until it’s not. I get to decide. What am I pretending not to know? What would the person I intend to become do next? When will I begin?

Week 19 – Self-Sabotage Again

This week I struggle. And Struggle. AND STRUGGLE.

I reach out to my fellow MKMMA-ers and receive ideas and feedback to help me break through this self inflicted battle of wills – the old and the new.

The gal in the glass shakes her head every night this week. Not satisfied with the verdict, I sit in a puddle of wet excuses and flip the power switch in my mind. The old blueprint dies brilliantly , death by energetic shock.. Tonight I mourn and tomorrow is my new first last day.



Week 18 – The Happiness of Being

When you obtain a goal, do you just move the goalpost further out?

That’s really the way I was trained, the way I was raised, the way I pursued my career and my life – happiness comes after meeting goals, not before. WRONG!

The Master Keys is teaching me to BE HAPPY. Recognizing kindnesses, identifying multiple things for which to be grateful, reliving a great moment daily, sitting in meditation, and exercising daily – the progression leads to becoming happy.

And that results in some awesome POWER.

Just check out this TEDx session.


So I am developing – working the progression, and getting a glimpse of future me – happier first and as a result – more successful.

In gratitude for happiness.